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Colvent Group

Why Colvent Group?

Colvent Group Inc. provides comprehensive real property consulting services for fiduciaries. We specialize in nationwide home management and vehicle purchasing/insurance procurement. Colvent Group offers a unique solution to addressing the time-consuming process of purchasing/managing homes, vehicle purchase, and acquiring vehicle insurance, with access to real-time status via the web. We manage the repairs, maintenance, build-out/new-build construction, and ensure ADA requirements are met. We also utilize our vast experience in purchasing vehicles to ensure that the client receives the best deal possible on a vehicle that meets all of the fiduciaries` requirements. Additionally, our vehicle insurance program provides fiduciaries with peace of mind that the policy will remain intact and unchanged. Colvent Group is proud to serve the financial and banking industry for nearly 10 years with homes and vehicles expertly administered across the nation.

Website: http://www.colventgroup.com


Anna Harris
Director of Operations
PO Box 3152
Fairview Heights, IL, 62208
Phone: (866)833-7811 Ext 5
Fax: (866) 890-1807

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